Austria Sweeps Krause Coin of the Year 2013

Austria took top honors winning the Krause Coin of the Year for coins dates 2013 with its 50 euro gold coin, KM-3218, depicting Gustav Klimt’s, “The Expectation.” It is the second coin in Austria’s five year series celebrating the painter’s work. It was a big

Try Win Lose Dice Showing Gambling And Chance

Making the Supreme Court Fun

What do the U.S. Supreme Court and the National Football League have in common? Surprisingly enough, both have generated “fantasy leagues” in which participants try to successfully pick the winners and losers. The work of the country’s highest court is serious business. After all, the

FIDEM Holds Congress in Bulgaria | Donald

FIDEM Holds Congress in Bulgaria

The Fédération International de la Médaille d’Art (FIDEM) or International Medal Art Federation recently held its 33rd congress in Sofia, Bulgaria. The FIDEM, which was founded in 1937, aims to promote and diffuse the art of medals at international level, to make the art known