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Lithuania - 5 Euro Silver with Color

Lithuania Rasos Svente 5 Euro Wins “Best Silver Coin”

The Lithuanian Mint’s Rasos Svente 5 Euro was voted the “Best Silver Coin” at the 2020 Coin of the Year Awards (COTY). The award-winning colored coin, dated 2018, commemorates Joninės (or Rasos), a midsummer celebration that is held in Lithuania on the night of June 23rd every

Italy-Italian-Consitution-5-Euro-Silver with Color

Italy Wins Best Contemporary Event Coin at 2020 COTY Awards

Italy’s 70th Anniversary of the Italian Constitution 5 Euro won the “Best Contemporary Event Coin” category at 2020 Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards. The coin, dated 2019, includes a female representation of Italia, wearing a cloak featuring the colors of the country’s flag. The Best

Silver Hemidrachm

Silver Hemidrachm of Umar

Coins of the Abbasid Governors of Tabaristan exist today in large numbers because they were used by merchants on the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that spanned more than 7,000 miles from Constantinople to China. The Kingdom of Tabaristan, located in modern-day northern Iran,


Umayyad Caliphate Gold Dinar

The Umayyad dinar was the first coin to articulate the Islamic Faith.  The first one was believed to have been struck in the year 77 of Hijra ( 696/7AD) in time for the pilgrimage season so that every Muslim could take home a statement of

Justinian II

Solidus of Justinian II

Jesus Christ first appeared on Roman coins during the reign of Justinian II. He ruled the Eastern Roman (or Byzantine Empire) from 685 to 695 A.D. and again from 705 to 711 A.D. Reign of Justinian II Justinian II first ruled the Roman Empire alongside


Justinian I AE Follis

Roman Emperor Justinian I, Justinian the Great, ruled the Byzantine Empire from 527 A.D. to 565 A.D. Among his many accomplishments, Justinian codified all existing Roman laws in what would be known as the Codex Justinianus. Of particular interest to numismatists, Justinian eliminated pagan imagery from Roman coinage in the East.

Saint Helena

Saint Helena’s Portrait

Saint Helena was the wife of the Roman emperor Constantius I and the mother of the emperor Constantine the Great. Due to her significant influence during his reign, Constantine minted coins with her name, titles and portrait. Influence of Helena Helena was married to Constantine’s