Finland Wins “Best Bi-Metallic” Category for 2015 dated COTY

Finland was a big winner for Coin of the Year Awards for coins dated 2015.  It took home two honors, one of which was “Best Bi-Metallic Coin.” The 5-euro coin, KM-225, depicts a Lapland reindeer and features a bi-metallic copper-nickel center with an aluminum-bronze ring.

The Reindeer of Lapland is part of the Animals of the Provinces series, which

pays tribute to the emblematic animals of Finland’s provinces. The Mint of Finland launched the series in 2011, and the coins have become amongst its most popular.

There are nine historical provinces in Finland: Åland, Tavastia, Karelia, Lapland, Ostrobothnia, Satakunta, Savonia and Uusimaa and Finland Proper. Lapland is largest and northernmost region of Finland.

The obverse of the coin depicts the reindeer. As described by the Mint of Finland:

Lapland’s emblematic animal, the reindeer, is an integral part of Lapland’s nature. The reindeer is a semi-domesticated herd animal that has adapted excellently to the harsh conditions of the far North. Reindeer management is a traditional way of life in Lapland, in harmony with the cycle of nature, and has provided a livelihood for many inhabitants of the region for centuries. The number of reindeer herded in Finland is estimated at 200,000 head.

The obverse was engraved by Erkki Vainio. In addition to the reindeer, it features the lettering “SUOMI FINLAND.” Suomi means Finland in Finnish.

The coin’s reverse bears the historic coat of arms of Lapland. The engraver was Nora Tapper. It includes the following lettering: “2015,” “5 EURO,” and “T.”

The Lapland Reindeer coin is 27.25 mm in diameter and weighs 279.8 g. The maximum mintage of the uncirculated version of coin was 30,000.  The Mint of Finland also produced 10,000 proof quality coins. 

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