Canadian Ghost Ship Named “Most Innovative” Coin for 2022-Dated Coins

The Canadian Ghost Ship coin requires a black light to fully appreciate its stunning and unique design. It is not surprising that it won the Coin Of The Year’s (COTY) “Most Innovative Coin” category for 2022-dated coins.

Canadian Ghost Ship Named “Most Innovative” Coin for 2022-Dated Coins

The design of the Canadian Ghost Ship coin was inspired by the legend of an apparition that has appeared in Chaleur Bay and in the Northumberland Strait for more than two centuries. It is often described as a glowing ball of fire or a manned, three-masted ship with sails aflame. As described by the Canadian Mint:

Canada’s famous “fire ship” is most often seen in Chaleur Bay (or the Bay of Chaleur, as it’s informally known) but there have also been reported sightings in the Northumberland Strait, in different sections along the coast of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Some have theorized that the apparition is St. Elmo’s Fire, a phenomenon in which electricity discharged from the atmosphere presents itself as glowing light on tall, sharply pointed structures—like a ship’s mast… Others think it could be caused by a phosphorus discharge from the depths of Chaleur Bay, like the “will o’ the wisp” phenomenon, where a flame-like glow is seen at night in marshes and swampy areas.

The reverse of the Canadian Ghost Ship coin was designed by Neil Hamelin using color reveal technology. It depicts the Atlantic shore of Canada, where two sailors push a dory into the rough surf as a storm rolls in with an ominous sky. Under a black light, a three-masted “ghost ship” appears on the horizon, seemingly on fire from bow to stern.  The reverse also includes the words “CANADA” and “2022.” 

Canadian Ghost Ship Named “Most Innovative” Coin for 2022-Dated Coins

The obverse features Head of Queen Elizabeth II, as at 77 years of age, bare headed, wearing necklace and earrings, facing right. The effigy was designed by Susanna Blunt and engraved by Susan Taylor. It also includes the lettering ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA (Elizabeth II Queen by the grace of God).

The pure silver non-circulating coin has a face value of 50 dollars. It measures 65.25 mm in diameter and weighs 157.6 grams. Mintage was limited to 1,500.

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