Austrian Mint Wins ‘Most Historically Significant’ 2017 dated COTY

The Austrian Mint took home the honors for the Most Historically Significant Coinat the 2019 Krause Coin of the Year Awards (COTY). The award-winning 20 Euro coin (KM-3269), dated 2017, marks the 175th anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Minted as a commemorative in proof only, this coin commemorates the 175th anniversary of the orchestra’s first concert, which is considered the founding of the Vienna Philharmonic. As described by the Austrian Mint:

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra gave what is considered to be its first ever performance on March 28, 1842. Issued in celebration of the 175th anniversary of that “Grand Concert”, and thus the founding of the Vienna Philharmonic, this splendid coin pays homage to the world famous orchestra and its unique sound.

The coin was designed by Mag. Helmut Andexlinger and Herbert Wähner. Its obverse includes portraits of the orchestra’s three founding fathers, Otto Nicolai, August Schmidt and Alfred Julius Becher. In the background is the deed of incorporation of the orchestra, which was founded on principles of democracy and entrepreneurial initiative. The seal of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is featured in gold. Wrapping around the rim on the left is the denomination and legend, written: 20 EURO • REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH.

The coin’s reverse shows a detail from Max Oppenheimer’s 15m2 triptych “Die Philharmoniker,” which hangs in the Belvedere museum in Vienna. Wrapping around the rim is the inscription: 175 JAHRE WIENER PHILHARMONIKER (175th Anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic).

The award-winning coin has a face value of 20 EURO. It is comprised of Silver Ag 925, weighs 22.42 grams and measures 34 mm in diameter. Mintage of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra coin is limited to 30,000. It is currently available via the Austrian Mint’s website. It costs €59.40.

The Austrian Mint issued a complimentary 5 Euro coin with a different design to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Blue Danube. It should also be noted that the reverse of the Austrian silver bullion coin also celebrates the Vienna Philharmonic.

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