France Breast Cancer 2 Euro ‘Best Bi-Metallic’ 2017 Dated COTY

The Monnaie de Paris won the Best Bi-Metallic Coin at the 2019 Krause Coin of the Year Awards (COTY). The award-winning two Euro coin, dated 2017, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon, which is the global symbol of the Fight against Breast Cancer. 

As described by the Monnaie de Paris:

Created in 1992, the pink ribbon is the global symbol of the Fight against Breast Cancer. In 2017 the pink ribbon is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It was Evelyn H. Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President of Estée Lauder and Alexandra Peney from Self Magazine (a women’s health magazine) who invented this symbol. Selected for its femininity, its joy and its sweetness, the pink colour evokes everything that cancer is not, offering a vision of hope in the fight against the illness. In 20 years, over 100 million pink ribbons have been distributed around the world.

The breast cancer coin is bi-metallic, with the outer ring consisting of a copper-nickel alloy and the inner disc comprised of a golden nickel-brass. The coin has a denomination of 2 Euros, and its reverse features the common design for all Euro coins. It was designed by Belgian Luc Luycx.

The obverse illustrates the association’s motto: “Breast Cancer, Let’s talk about it.” It depicts a woman holding a pink ribbon over her left breast. The outer ring of the obverse features the 12 stars required on all national and commemorative euro coinage. It also includes several inscriptions: 25e ANNIVERSAIRE DU RUBAN ROSE (“25th Anniversary of the Pink Ribbon”), the dates 1992 and 2017, and the abbreviation RF (“République française”). The inner portion of the coin features the cornucopia mintmark of the Monnaie de Paris and the pentagon master’s mark of French Mint Director Yves Sampo.

The Monnaie de Paris’ fight against breast cancer coin weighs 8.500 grams and measures 25.750 mm in diameter. The 10,000 proof coins were colorized using pink enamel to accentuate the ribbon.  Uncirculated colorized coins were made in a limited amount for sale attached to informational coin cards and sold at a premium.  The circulation strike did not use color.

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