‘The Expeditioners’ Provide Fresh Take on Travel

Many travel junkies who want more than the standard tourist experience seek out blogs and websites from previous visitors who can give a fresh view of a country, and “The Expeditioners” blog and Facebook page falls into this category.

The blog is operated by three adventure travelers who are also photographers, videographers and sports enthusiasts. Roberto Gibbons Gomez spearheads the website and has visited and photographed scenes from several countries ranging from Brazil, England and Antarctica to Thailand, Switzerland and Malaysia. His two colleagues – Cherine Tarraf-Koujock (Bella) and Marco Antonio Wang-Tsu Liu Roqueni – are both active in several sports, such as sea kayaking, mountaineering, scuba diving, mountain-biking, surfing and other active sports.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Roberto and Bella as they were photographing one of the beautiful sunsets in Turks & Caicos in January.  They live a dream lifestyle, hopping from one exotic destination to another and reporting on each one with photographs, videos and reviews.  Their website provides invaluable information on the best views, photo opportunities and experiences in the countries they have visited.

The website is split up into blog posts about their travel experiences, photo stores, descriptions of the team, videos the group shot and publications. The website is not the typical travel blog.  Instead, Roberto and Bella have created a site for people craving an adventure but unsure where to travel.

Their blog and their Facebook page is a guide for enthusiasts who are scouting out locations for beautiful scenery or extreme sporting opportunities. A virtual tour with them on the internet is motivating for travelers and photographers who consider their experiences and art to be their greatest assets.

“When mentioning curriculum vitae, one tends to think about scholastic accomplishments and previous jobs,” Gomez said on the website. “I don’t believe that jobs I’ve had, nor the schooling I received to be my greatest accomplishments. I do, nonetheless, consider my expeditions, adventures, and general meanderings around the world to be what most defines me – so I compiled a list of some of my trips and adventures to date, which I will call my “cv.”

The expeditioners travel is sponsored by enthusiastic resorts and businesses around the world that are looking for the hip vacationer who thinks like Roberto.  As a result, you need a little patience with the photographs and sponsorships as you wade through the web site, but this is just a hazard of success. They have so many sponsors because their web site is guaranteed to inspire you to book a trip.