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PS Audio Power Regenerators

PS Audio Power Regenerators

PS Audio is a leader in AC power regeneration, making it a top choice among audiophiles. Earlier this year, the company released a new line of power regenerators designed to provide squeaky clean AC. Power Conditioners vs Power Regenerators There is a big difference between

Audiophiles Flock to Expanded AXPONA Show

Audiophiles Flock to Expanded AXPONA Show

AXPONA continues to be the “go to” event for audiophiles. The largest high-end audio show in North America, was held April 13-15, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. Every year, the show has expanded due to demand, and 2018 was the largest AXPONA


The Three Best Power Cords for Audiophile Sound

After selecting the right speaker for your room and picking good components to deliver optimum sound quality there are still four often overlooked items—connecting cables–that can make a big improvement on the sound performance of a mid-level audio system.  They are the power cords, analog

There are almost as many choices for connecting audio cables and power cables as there are for components and speakers. Here are some thoughts about picking the right ones for your system.

What Audio Cables Should I Upgrade?

There are almost as many choices for connecting cables and power cables as there are for components and speakers. Here are some thoughts about picking the right ones for your system. Let’s assume that you are currently using the stock cables that came with your

High Definition Audio Playback

Apple Toward High Definition Audio Playback

Recent rumors about the new Apple operating system appear to be true. Apple’s iOS 8 will allow for high definition audio playback (HRA). This certainly explains why Apple has acquired Beats Electronics to upgrade their in-ear earphones. Apple has announced that they will offer high-fidelity

Five Ipad Apps I Can’t Live Without

The introduction of the new Apple iPad Air is a good reason to take a look at how important these devices have become in our daily lives. Apple iPads have become the most used travel accessory next to cell phones. They are something between a


What is the Best Surge Protector?

There is a difference between a power strip and a surge protector.  A power strip operates like an extension cord, while a surge protector protects your equipment from sudden spikes in the power coming from the street. If all you need is an extension cord,


The Chord Hugo DAC Delivers

The Chord Hugo is simply the best portable amplifier/DAC on the market. Whether you use it with your computer or with a portable transport to carry when you are out and about, the Hugo has no equal. Perhaps the $2,500 retail price is steep for

Dirty Power Makes Dirty Music

If upgrading power cords makes a significantly noticeable improvement in sound quality, then imagine the improvement that a clean power source could make! There are power conditioners and power re-conditioners that work wonderfully for music. They double as power strips and surge protectors as well.

Joseph Menna

Joseph Menna Named U.S. Mint’s Chief Engraver

The U.S. Mint recently named Joseph Menna as its Chief Engraver. Menna, who has worked for the Mint for 14 years, is a talented artist, his work earning him numerous Krause Publications’ Coin of the Year awards in various categories. He will now oversee the design development aspects


Should I upgrade to an iPhone X?

Sometimes Silicon Valley would rather push the boundaries of “coolness” than provide a more functional upgrade to an important every day product.  That is what happened at Apple with the introduction of the iPhone X. Touted as “the future of the iPhone,” Apple’s attempt to

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard

Mary Beard’s latest book, “SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome,” explores the early history of Rome by using a flashback technique.  The reader is grounded in the period of Roman history that they are most likely to know—the time of Julius Caesar—so they can wander

The Who “My Generation” CD Box Set Review by Donald Scarinci

The Who “My Generation” CD Box Set

The Who marked the 50th anniversary of their debut album, My Generation, by releasing a new massive box set. The five-disc box set features a remastered edition of the album in mono and many never-before-released tracks. While it is a great way to commemorate a first album by

Bob Dylan 1966 Live Recordings

Bob Dylan fans who have been chasing bootlegs can now have the real deal. In November, Columbia/Legacy released a massive 36-disc box set that features every known recording from Dylan’s 1966 tour of the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Bob Dylan is frequently described as

Three Good Books about James Madison

Labunski, Richard; James Madison & the Struggle for the Bill of Rights, Oxford University Press, 2006  Broadwater, Jeff; James Madison: A Son of Virginia and a Founder of the Nation, University of North Carolina Press, 2012  Stewart, David; Madison’s gift:  Five Partnerships That Built America,

Queen released a complete Studio Album Collection in vinyl last year. The Queen Vinyl Box was priced at $300 and it became an instant collector’s item.

Queen Vinyl Box Set Becoming a Collectable

Queen released a complete Studio Album Collection in vinyl last year.  It was priced at $300 and it became an instant collector’s item.  It is not quite up there with the Beatles box set produced by the Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs in the 80’s which

Steven Wilson

New Albums by the King — Steven Wilson

In between re-mastering some of the greatest Progressive Rock albums of all time, Steven Wilson also managed to record two impressive albums of his own over the two years. In January, Wilson released “4 ½,” which followed 2015’s “Hand. Cannot. Erase.” Every audiophile is familiar

Five “Great Courses” to Take This Summer

Five “Great Courses” to Take This Summer

Following the trail blazed by NETFLIX, the Teaching Company’s “Great Courses” are now being offered for $14.99/month. Below are the top five “Great Courses” across all genres: How to Listen to and Understand Great Music: The course, which is now in its third edition, is taught by

Grounding Block

Synergistic Research Grounding Block

Synergistic Research has become a market leader of innovative audiophile products.  While teaks of all kinds find no shortage of skeptics, the Grounding Block from Synergistic Research is a tweak based on solid science and it works. It has always been known that a well-grounded


Yoko Ono Takes Center Stage at New MoMA Exhibit

After forty years, Yoko Ono has finally made her official debut at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. “Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971” opened on May 17 and runs through September 7, 2015. While Yoko Ono is most well known as John Lennon’s

Find a high resolution copy of John Lennon's Imagine on Amazon.com

Imagine in High Resolution Blu-ray

It is not always the case that a high resolution 96kHz/24bit sounds better than a CD at 44mHz/16bit. More often than not, the remastering matters more than the bit rate. This is one of those times. The high resolution Blu-ray and, presumably, the digital download

Burn Your Books and Buy an Ipad

The book publishing industry as we once knew it is dead.  E-books and on line information is more readily available, offers more variety, can present information in a multimedia format and is generally less expensive and requires no bookshelf space. For a glimpse at the

12 Tweaks to Improve Digital Sound Quality

As the demand for portable digital music continues to outpace demand for other high fidelity options, many people are now looking to improve digital sound quality. There are twelve simple tweaks available to those who are tired of listening to poor quality iTunes downloads. It

Many Musicians were Influenced by Warhol

New York Honors Andy Warhol’s legacy to the World

Andy Warhol never left New York.  He is the subject of two outstanding exhibitions—one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and another at the Benrimon Gallery. “Thank You Andy Warhol” is the tribute exhibit at the Benrimon Contemporary museum in New York.  Catherine Johnson, author