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What is the Best Surge Protector?

There is a difference between a power strip and a surge protector.  A power strip operates like an extension cord, while a surge protector protects your equipment from sudden spikes in the power coming from the street. If all you need is an extension cord,

Chord Hugo 2

Chord Hugo 2 Improves on Greatness

No cell phone has a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) that is very good.  To get any good sound out of a cell phone or an iPad you need a third-party DAC.  The Chord Hugo 2, like the original Hugo and the Mojo is a

New Power Cords

Audience Introduces New Power Cords

Audience recently announced three new AC power cords — the Au24 SX powerChord, Au24 SE-i power Chord, and powerChord SE-i. Incorporating its latest advancements in materials and engineering, Audience promises to again revolutionize high-performance audio systems. Audiophiles who understand the difference that power cords make in a high-end

The Who “My Generation” CD Box Set Review by Donald Scarinci

The Who “My Generation” CD Box Set

The Who marked the 50th anniversary of their debut album, My Generation, by releasing a new massive box set. The five-disc box set features a remastered edition of the album in mono and many never-before-released tracks. While it is a great way to commemorate a first album by


The Three Best Power Cords for Audiophile Sound

After selecting the right speaker for your room and picking good components to deliver optimum sound quality there are still four often overlooked items—connecting cables–that can make a big improvement on the sound performance of a mid-level audio system.  They are the power cords, analog


Apple’s New AirPods Are Not Audiophile Quality But Work Great

Don’t expect audiophile sound quality from the new Apple wireless earbuds, officially called AirPods.  However, they are extremely comfortable and the technology behind the new earphones are impressive. When Apple announced that it was eliminating the headphone jack from its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there

DirectStream Memory Player

Direct Stream Memory Player Is a Game-Changer

Always count on PS Audio to do it first and do it better than anyone else.  The DirectStream Memory Player allows the high resolution layer of an SACD to play back through a DAC.  For audiophiles with the best DAC’s, the SACD is finally free

AudioQuest JitterBug

UpTone Audio USB REGEN vs. AudioQuest JitterBug

People have started to figure out that the reason digital music does not sound as good as vinyl has less to do with the studio mix burned digitally as 1’s and 0’s, and more to do with the “timing” of the playback of those 1’s