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Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres Congressional Gold Medal Makes History

The U.S. Mint will make history this week when it shows the world that it can produce the Shimon Peres Congressional Gold Medall from concept to finished product in just over one month. No private mint could have met the deadline set by Congress on

Mary Lannin Joins CCAC

Mary N. Lannin, the newest member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), attended her first meeting in Philadelphia on May 19, 2014, where she reviewed designs for the 2015 March of Dime Commemorative, the 9-11 Congressional gold medals, and a Code Talker medal. The

Robert Julian Named 2012 Numismatist of the Year

Anyone who appreciates or collects the medals made at the United States Mint in the 19th Century knows Robert Julian and his magnum opus, Medals of the United States Mint the First Century 1792 to 1892 published by the Token & Medal Society, 1977. I

Die Varieties of the “Washington Before Boston” Medal

September 8, 2012:  Washingtonia was the topic of this year’s gathering of the colonial coin elite at Rodger Siboni’s home in New Jersey.  New finds and discoveries were presented and some significant collections of Washingtonia were displayed. The highlight, in my opinion, was a New