12 Tweaks to Improve Digital Sound Quality

As the demand for portable digital music continues to outpace demand for other high fidelity options, many people are now looking to improve digital sound quality. There are twelve simple tweaks available to those who are tired of listening to poor quality iTunes downloads. It

The Battle of Monmouth Fought Again

On June 15 and 16th the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, will be fought again on the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield.  This event will commemorate the 235th Anniversary of this important battle of the American Revolution. The battle, formally known as the Battle of Monmouth

“Robin Hood” Slapped With Lawsuit in NH Community

The New Hampshire Robin Hooders have proven that parking tickets have more to do with justifying jobs than protecting the public. The residents of Keene, New Hampshire fought back by creating a band of merry men and women modeled after Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest

The Truth about Burn in for Audio Components

By Donald Scarinci: Many high end audiophile products such as amplifiers, speakers, headphones and even connection cords and power conditioners are sold with the advice that they will produce better sound when they are used.  Many manufacturers recommend burn in for audio components before the

Even Australian Lawyers suffer with Lawyer Jokes

Three people were in a lifeboat after their ship sank.  They were surrounded by sharks.  One courageous person took charge of the situation, dove into the water and swam ashore.  To the surprise of the survivors on the life boat, the sharks allowed the person