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Gryphon Legal Classics Library

Complete List of Books In the Gryphon Legal Classics Library

Gryphon Editions publishes nicely bound library editions of important legal classics.  The publisher offers a subscription that entitles the buyer to obtain one volume a month. Some of the titles in the series are books that every lawyer must read.  Unfortunately, finding a complete list

Progressive Movement

How the Progressive Movement Changed America

“Review: Theodore and Woodrow:  How Two American Presidents Destroyed Constitutional Freedom by Andrew Napolitano, Thomas Nelson 2012″ Some people do not see history as isolated moments, but as a stream flowing in constant motion.  Andrew Napolitano is one of those great minds whose grasp of

Philadelphia Mint

1849: The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold

“1849: The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold” won the 2016 Numismatic Literary Guild Award.  Michael Moran and Jeff Garrett teamed up to write a book that chronicles how the discovery of gold in California impacted the U.S. Mint and the nation. “The arrival of Colonel Mason’s

through American Numismatic Society’s (ANS) new Digital Library.

Medallic Art of the ANS, 1865–2014 Now Available as Free E-Book

The American Numismatic Society is leading the way for numismatic ebooks.  While the ebook has captured the commercial market for fiction and non-fiction books, numismatic booksellers like Whitman and Krause Publications have not been so quick to produce electronic versions of their reference books. The

Three Good Books about James Madison

Labunski, Richard; James Madison & the Struggle for the Bill of Rights, Oxford University Press, 2006  Broadwater, Jeff; James Madison: A Son of Virginia and a Founder of the Nation, University of North Carolina Press, 2012  Stewart, David; Madison’s gift:  Five Partnerships That Built America,