Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years

Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years

Ron Howard’s new film, Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years, is a masterful film about the early success of the Beatles. The documentary cover the band’s touring days from 1962 to 1966.  Following their 1966 concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, the Beatles largely retired

New Power Cords

Audience Introduces New Power Cords

Audience recently announced three new AC power cords — the Au24 SX powerChord, Au24 SE-i power Chord, and powerChord SE-i. Incorporating its latest advancements in materials and engineering, Audience promises to again revolutionize high-performance audio systems. Audiophiles who understand the difference that power cords make in a high-end

NJ Gas Tax

NJ Gas Tax Makes Tesla an Attractive Option

In States like New Jersey where cars are a necessity rather than a luxury, one would not think a gas tax is a fair source for state revenue.  When the NJ State Legislature decided otherwise and voted for a 23-cent per gallon gas tax, electric