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Third Deluxe Edition of Mega Red Now Available

Third Deluxe Edition of Mega Red Now Available

The ubiquitous Red Book is the gold standard for coin collectors. The expanded version, aptly named Mega Red, includes 1,504 pages that are more than 30 percent larger than those in the standard Red Book. The latest version is now on sale. Mega Red’s coverage

AMSA American Medal of the Year Awarded to Susan Taylor

The American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA) recently announced the winner of the American Medal of the Year Award. Susan Taylor, a Canadian artist, won for her Remembrance medal. It honors the heroic efforts of the Taylor’s grandfather, George Edie and his fellow comrades who fought in

African American Lady Liberty

African American Lady Liberty to Grace New Gold Coin

The U.S. Mint recently announced that the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin design will feature Liberty as an African-American woman. The new $100 gold coin joins part of a series of coins depicting Lady Liberty in a new and modern way.  “Lady Liberty,

Coin of the Year 2015

Finland and the United States were the top winners in the first round of judging in the Coin of the Year competition. Each nation won two of the 10 categories, while Italy, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, and the Cook Islands each won in a

War of 1812

U.S. and Canada Issue War of 1812 Coins

Whether America won the War of 1812 or lost it is a matter of perspective.  The important people and key battles also depend on point of view.  So the coins commemorating the event by the United States and Canada make an interesting collection. The War

Philadelphia Mint

1849: The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold

“1849: The Philadelphia Mint Strikes Gold” won the 2016 Numismatic Literary Guild Award.  Michael Moran and Jeff Garrett teamed up to write a book that chronicles how the discovery of gold in California impacted the U.S. Mint and the nation. “The arrival of Colonel Mason’s

Federal Government Set to Reclaim Rare Double Eagle Coins

Federal Government Set to Reclaim Rare Double Eagle Coins

The federal government recently won a decade-long legal battle over the ownership of rare Double Eagles coins. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s decision ordering a Philadelphia family to surrender ten 1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagles found in a safe deposit