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The Internet Killed the Video Store

When is the last time you got in your car to drive to a video store to rent a movie? Only a few short years ago, venturing to Blockbuster on a Friday or Saturday night would have taken at least an hour to battle the

Google Pushing For Updated Privacy Laws that Reflect Digital Age

Companies like Google receive hundreds of requests per week from co and government agencies seeking access to private user account information. Although Google complies with valid subpoenas, court orders, and warrants, the company has also expressed concern about overly broad requests and the need for

Can You Become a New York Lawyer in Two Years?

The traditional law school model is arguably in dire need of a makeover. But the legal community can’t seem to agree what a modern legal education should look like. Most recently, a proposal to allow law school students to eliminate their third year and sit

Seven Things Businesses Can Do About Identity Theft

If you have ever had your credit card compromised, you understand the havoc that identity theft can create. Now imagine if that happened to your business. Given the harm it can do to your reputation and bottom line, business identity theft should be on the