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The Primacy of Liberty in the U.S. Constitution

Book Review:  “The Conscience of the Constitution:  The Declaration of Independence and the Right to Liberty” by Timothy Sandefur; Cato Institute (2014) Every now and then a person comes across a book, an idea or an event that so fundamentally affects them that they are

Three Books about the Roberts Court

Three Books about the Roberts Court

  The U.S. Supreme Court recently entered its eleventh term with Chief Justice John Roberts at the helm at the Court’s seventeenth Chief Justice. During Robert’s tenure, the Court has been at the center of important and often controversial legal battles, from same sex marriage

Liberty’s First Crisis, by Charles Slack, Atlantic Monthly Press, 2015

Charles Slack and “Liberty’s First Crisis”

Liberty’s First Crisis, by Charles Slack, Atlantic Monthly Press, 2015 “The greatest enemy of liberty is fear…When [people] feel threatened, their tolerance shrinks.” Liberty and freedom in America have been threatened many times since the United States Constitution was drafted in 1787. People around the


Lisa Gornick Penetrates “Tinderbox”

Lisa Gornick’s skills as an author and a psychoanalyst come together in her latest novel, Tinderbox. The gripping and often disturbing novel explores the inner-workings of a New York family dealing with more than one skeleton in the closet. Myra Mendelson, a psychotherapist living in

E.L. Doctorow is back with, Andrew’s Brain

E.L. Doctorow’s latest novel, Andrew’s Brain, hit bookstores on January 14. The best-selling author’s latest work is already generating buzz as a thought-provoking and powerful look into the mind of a man who, more than once in his life, has been the inadvertent agent of