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IsoNodes and Vibrapods for Component Separation

Audio components on a rack pick up sonic vibration carried by the air in the room where the music is played. They also carry actual vibration from their own electrical movement and from the other components in the rack, which ultimately affects sound quality. Manufacturers

Digital Cables Make Little Difference in Sound Quality

High end digital cable connectors probably provide the least noticeable improvement in sound quality, but to my surprise, there was a “subtle” (as defined in previous articles) difference. I tested the Audioquest Diamond USB mini to USB .75mm connection on my headphone mini system. The

Savant is Bad News for Audiophile Sound

Savant Systems has won many awards as a smart home operating system but it will never win an award in any audiophile sound publication. If you care at all about the quality of the sound coming from your audio system then do not use Savant

Clean up your Power with a PS Audio Power Plant

Whether you should buy a power conditioner or a good surge protector depends on how bad the line power is that feeds your audio system. However, if you have thrown away the power cords that came with your audio components and replaced them with good

Dirty Power Makes Dirty Music

If upgrading power cords makes a significantly noticeable improvement in sound quality, then imagine the improvement that a clean power source could make! There are power conditioners and power re-conditioners that work wonderfully for music. They double as power strips and surge protectors as well.

Upgrade Power Cords for Better Sound (Part 2)

A good power cord makes a big difference in sound quality,  but how good is good enough? Once I picked the Audience Power Cord E for my HiFiMan EF5 amplifier and my HiFiman HE-500 headphone microsystem, I was ready to see whether a more expensive

HD Tracks is the Future of the Music Industry

From record album to tape player to CD and SACD or DVD audio, the future of recorded music is high definition and the future of music playback formats is the digital download. The leader in high definition music downloads is HD Tracks (www.hdtracks.com). For a

Play Back Digital Audio with J. River or Amarra

iTunes was great for small portable digital audio device playback, but if you want to hear digital music that has an analog warmth and quality then you need to download third party software from companies like Amarra for Mac and J.River for Windows. iTunes just